The Zillion Dollar Question today on top of each bright mind is

When do you Become a Leader?

So, I asked– When Do you Become Leader?

They replied:

Who is winning all the time !

Who is talked about and admired by the world.

Who is ahead in the race of life.

Who achieves all that is desired early and inspires others.

They Asked

When do you Become a Leader?

I replied:

Even if losing badly, will not do wrong

Who is striving to take humanity ahead

Who excels by being a living example and is aspired by others

Who understands and tunes into the rhythm of universe….

The world sees presentation but Karma sees action and Intention.

If you are saddled in the Leadership seat, it is pertinent to showcase and live as a True Leader.

It takes more than courage and willpower to be an authentic leader in this world.

The scars of losing and fighting for truth are real medals than victory itself.

The next wave of leaders who will emulate you will become your shadows.

The prototypes will take actions inspired by you.

This will add to your Karma. Good and Bad. If it is Good and Bad.

Make it Good or Bad. No greys. Not both.

Become a Leader by Building Leadership Karma.

Karma: The Third Eye

The third eye of Shiva when it opens, it destroys all the bad with fire.

If you are pure, the fire will turn you into gold.

If you are pure in intentions and action, your Karma will LEAD with great Shiva.

Stay pure and let the third eye of intuition LEAD you in the right direction.

Shiva is in three form Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh.

Like him, the leader who is the creator, administrator and destroyer has to take all three modes from time to time.

The third eye of Shiva is about the time.

Intuition, anger, fire. depends on what you display.

Every leader also has third eye. Third eye of intuition making its decision making skills adept and Vision through which it channelized its energy in the right direction.

Let us lead the dance of life  with formidable karmas like Natarajan Shiva with the vibhuti bhushan giving us the understanding that we are like ash and that is temporary existence of flimsy life.

Journey of Karma

When a child gets good grades, everyone is exhibiting sheer joy.

How it gets the grades by cheating or on its own merit takes a backseat.

Though called a Leader, is the child accumulating good karma or bad karma?

The race to career is set with many milestones to be achieved

The fancier car

A bigger house

A luxurious life

A fat bank balance

A safe big pool of retirement corpus

Growth is life and it is important which gives the satisfaction and purpose to life.

How is the growth achieved should be a bigger question then the tick marks on the growth list.

The growth in life should be aligned to the karmic growth. Be on the journey of Karma and not on a journey of successful life flagged with flimsy symbols.

Question the Karma

All those who are not leaders or in a leadership position would also need to carve out their karmic journey.

To work in a firm, accept the culture, breathe in life in the profile and showcase solidarity to clients and brotherhood to team mates.

These will also accumulate Karmas.

It is important to choose. Make tough choices. Make smart choices. Make right choices. Make karmic choices.

Start by Questioning the obvious.

It is important to know the power of questions.

Questions showcases quick, curious, active, seeker mind.

The right set of questions will set your sail in search of right answers. That is the karmic journey then the answer itself.

If a mosquito bites you, there can be two set of questions. You have a choice of how you want to set the tone.

Why did the mosquito bit only me and no one else?


Since the mosquito bit me, what should I do about it to control the situation and take best measures?

Is there a quick rich scheme out there for me?


How to make money which is pure and sustainable wealth?

What shall I do to crush my competitors ?


What can I work upon to be outclass and worldclass?

How can I get quick fame?


 How can I create an inspiring legacy?

More Thought Provoking Questions:

Do we build bad karmas if we fire people during tough times from our organisation?

Do we shield from bad karmas if we do not ask for money from unethical people in business?

Do we lead with formidable karmas if we take each decision for the greater good?

Do we accumulate tough karmas if we sacrifice few under the name of collateral damage?

Know the answers to these in 

Leadership Karma

Coming Soon