Rohit Sharma was replaced by Jasprit Bumrah as a captain for a cricket match last week.

Bumrah is rested and Shikhar Dhawan will now be the captain for the upcoming match.

Can the succession lineup increase the probability of success… Does it mean not giving up on victory under any cost and being extra prepared.

Being a captain and performing as a captain are two different things.

Leadership Lesson from Sports

The key is to have the successive leadership ready with rigorous training, prior exposure and requisite skill set for demanding times.

Replicate in business and in life to LEAD!

We all want the cup coming home.

We want the medal tally increase multifold.

Still, there are equally talented champions who fought so well that while fighting both the teams were equally good. Only one took the trophy.

Be wowed with the Not Giving Up story!

Just missed = A pat on back saying “Well Played”

Appreciate the spirit of “You gave it your all”

Build the ecosystem to support them too.

Not letting their spirit break.

Giving them hope to try harder and continue the sincere effort by putting their heart and soul…AGAIN.

To be the LEADERS of tomorrow in sports.

Where every effort is equivalent to a win!

In sports, the glory and podium finish keeps on changing.

Yesterday it was Bronze.

Today it is Gold!

That is the medal color of Boxer Lovlina at Olympics and World Championship respectively.

Her gold win is called breaking the “bronze jinx”. The same bronze was a country pride!

  Tomorrow it will be a different color for the boxing champions.

The leader is the same who is squarely focussed to achieve the goals.

The outcome keeps on changing colors just like the medals. 

Be happy as the medals keep coming.

Even if once in a while there is a slip in getting medal, it does not lessen the player or the champions.

The endeavour, vision, discipline and tenacity is still the same when you play any game. That is LEADERSHIP. Self Leadership is True Leadership in Sports.

Not Giving Up is the Essence of True Leadership.

Nikhat Zareen, a boxing champion also won at World Boxing Championship. She is called “Indomitable”

She is the same player who was not given a chance for trials of Olympics as she was a novice and a renowned world champion was sent to Olympics without the qualifying rounds taking place.

She was not a Success then or she won medals so she is a Successful Now.

Even then she was a women Leader. Even today she is an Inspiring Leader– just at the world stage

It is the circumstances, competition which is different each time. In each domain and industry.

For each of us— entrepreneurs in India, professionals, students or home makers or future leaders–

The only way for leadership skills development is by Aim to Achieve. The Jazbaa has to be there. Do not be tied to the outcome. That is the real beauty of the entrepreneurial journey.

Put your best foot forward and be unruffled by changing colors. The changing colors are for the judgements, applause for the world which keeps on changing too.

Tie a tough knot to your focus, to your intentions, to what YOU are!!

Not to glory, podium finish and medal colors.


Success is not equal to Leadership! 


Success is   ≠ Leadership

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