Patience and Emotions

In stock market, if you want to buy 100 shares…buy only 50 today.

If the market goes up…you can book short term profit…

If tomorrow, the market goes down even further… you can buy at low prices!

Still happy!!

So simple!

Then what is the problem?

Lack of patience and unstable emotions!!!

Patience and emotions… if mastered…can be the biggest weapons in the arsenal to conquer money and time.

With stable emotions, you can not only be rich but also be able to create sustainable wealth.

With them, you can LEAD not only in stock market but also in life….happily! 

How to Play in Stock Market?

The real Stock Market Game is simple like the back of your hand.

Enter on lows. Exit on highs. Watch in the mean time. Simple.

We almost feel happy if there are lows if we play the game correctly.

We are rubbing our hands in glee with the fall as this gives us a chance to buy great companies at throwaway prices.

We know that this companies have bright future and the stock will rise in short term or long term.

Ditto should be in life.

Let us enter on lows to build the high! No grief. No suffering of lows.

Patience and perseverance till we reach a new high!

Stock Market and IPO’s

The IPO market is a booming space especially in the Indian stock market.

Complete Journey: Yatra

The IPO market is getting flooded in India.

Yatra, an online travel portal company is already listed on NASDAQ.

It did reverse merger to list on the U.S. Index.

Reverse Merger: Where a private company acquires a public company to avoid the hassles of the listing process.

The stock price of YATRA is languishing for years.

It now plans to ride on the bandwagon of Indian stock market growth story.

The grey market sees no premium in its Indian listing.

Yet, the move makes complete sense for Yatra from every area!

Vasudheva Kutumbhkam…One Earth. One Family. One Future.

Life comes full circle.

The foreign return with Indian roots… comes home with a round trip to the world. What a YATRA!

Relationship with Money

The way we look at money and make more money is explained in simple and profound manner in the book “The Psychology of Money.”

There are few key takeaways which can help each of us to understand the relationship with money in a better way.

Psychology of Money: 

1. Luck and risk paly a huge role in getting rich.

2. Save for no reason. 

3. Earning wealth and maintain wealth is different. 

4. Health is the ultimate wealth. Time is the ultimate freedom

5. Enough savings to have few failures and to keep going 

6. Our experiences shape us without we knowing it. 

7. History is no good. There are many first surprises.

 8. House, car and vacations for show off are no good.

 9. All are playing a different game. Please don’t compare. 

10. Survive to succeed with a strong purpose.

11. Hard science of profession goes hand in hand with soft yet complex psychology 

12. We all evolve and change. Investments and plans. Things making sense today wont make sense 20 years down the line. 

13. Forecasts are important so that we feel the world is making sense.

 14. It is different this time -investors psychology

15. The definition of enough varies for all. 

16.Pessimism is favored than optimism. The fear factor in psychology at play. 

17. Everything has a price tag- fear, insecurity, independence are invisible price tags

Flawed Finance Funda: Affordability Test

Today a new affordability test is making rounds and is promulgated by the new aged finance wizards

“If you can buy it twice, go ahead and buy it!”


This is so flawed!

A shirt of 500 Rs can be purchased several times… But it is just extravagant shopping!

A house for 2 crores. Should you wait for 4 crores in kitty to have 2 crores worth of house?

 Finance is beyond numbers…quality and quantitative both.

If you can buy it but don’t Need it, its a WANT– Don’t  buy it at all or Delay buying so that you can have the needs accommodated first!

Dream House- With hard earned money collected penny by penny—go ahead and live and put all the money, sweat, imagination, love and make it a happy house!

As they say ghar ek hi baar banta hai!

Shield from flimsy discounts

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–Shweta Vora, Founder of Zillionite

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