Doing good business is one thing. Leading with building Legacy is a different phenomenon altogether.

Good business is transactional, succeeding with clever moves and bringing shrewdness in the entire approach.

Great business is built on Leadership Mindset. It has its foundation entrenched in Values.

Though Mindset and Values are qualitative in nature, it is seen in the attitude, approach and deeds.

1. Double Discount

Why will you will never take this double discount and yet buy at full price for the very thing you need?

  • Your family doctor charges you the same exorbitant price. No discount. Well if they say, for the entire family 20% off and for extended family too 50% off even though they do not suffer from any disease and are hale and hearty and in no need of a doctor in the current scenario.
  • Buying a fire extinguisher for your house which has expiry at every five years…will you try to bargain to get it at discount as year after year it is still unused. Are you going to be happy that there is no fire fighting situation and it is unused or you will be happy that the investment in fire extinguisher has not gone waste and glee there is fire around?

2. Who gives discount and why?

A. Food Industry

  • Products are on the verge of expiry 
  • Short shelf life
  • Changing seasons

Note: The vegetable vendor gives out only 450 gms in the bargain of 500 gms at steep discount price.

B. Retail Industry

  • Inventory turnover ratio
  • Dead stock
  • Defective
  • Changing Trends

C: Online Ecommerce Platforms

  • High footfalls
  • Economies of scale
  • Cashing on festive season so that people buy out of wants and not needs
  • FOMO on EOSS sales and irresistible dhamaka offers

Note: If you see your favourite watch at 80% discount, you will buy two where you don’t need even one. I did!

D: Rest of the World

  • Cannot bridge the demand supply gap through value creation
  • Cannot justify the value creation

Note: The tomato seller who won’t budge with his price and has the reddest tomatoes in the vegetable market.

3. Difference between SME and Brand Leaders

Buying a Ferrari, date at Taj and holiday stay at Ritz Carlton… while dreaming these dreams, do you factor in deep discount?

Irony: Needs and wants are taken at steep discounts and luxury at no discounts. No questions asked for the exorbitant price of luxury.

Leadership Mindset: What really counts…

4. Leadership Mindset

  • Hold your ground. Protect you turf.
  • Bank on your past body of work. 
  • Communicate with authenticity.
  • Give performance and showcase capability.
  • Discount should be a very very short-term measure.

Note: Highlight clear benefits with discount version and without discount. So that the value is underlined. Easy to switch for them. Build Leadership Mindset.

Build your Tribe

Pick and choose your tribe who

  • Buys for occasion
  • Buys for value
  • Buys for real need and not just for show off
  • Buys with soul searching 

After the purchase is made and while using the product or service –What do you recollect…the discount percentage or the experience when the product outperforms or is dysfunctional?

What counts cannot be counted and definitely not discount!

Outplay, outgrow and outclass with values and excellence.

Give value each time. You will get value in the long term in multifold manner.

 Everything else will fall in place and will ensure you rise like the radiating sun.

Shield from flimsy shots

Build on Value

Lead with Zillionite

–Shweta Vora, Founder of Zillionite

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