30, Jan
Leadership Mindset = Right Mindset

Leadership Mindset: Faith
108 names popped up to another name for Lord Ganesha.
I was helping to solve the quiz.
My scrolling stopped at Vignaharta: remover of all obstacles. Interesting.
I decided to pray to “Vignaharta” for smooth life.

Will he remove the obstacles just by praying? The thought intrigued me just like the name.
I realised

  1. I have obstacles in my mind.
  2. Everything will work with ~no obstacles thinking first in the headspace and belief space.
    Prayers. Belief. Future Endeavors. Life.
    Right Mindset to Lead
    The smooth flow starts with me for everything to work and then everything will work out automatically (with the
    blessings of Vignaharta)
    Right Mindset = Leadership Mindset.
    Leadership Mindset: Passion
    Air –Water– Fire– Earth!
    Four Elements of Life…One force.

All have to co-exist!
Fire and Water…..Air and Earth

Air — Breath of Life– Existence
Water– Growth of Life– Adaptability
Fire– Light of Life–Passion
Earth– Stability of Life– Focus

Fueled with “passion backed by purpose” with being squarely focussed yet accepting and adapting to the
challenges of life to grow with a Leadership Mindset is what life is mentoring on.

Leadership Mindset: Journey
Stalactites and Stalagmites!
Sounded Fascinating …only in words
The rote learning effect maybe!
Bonds and yield curves

Looked fascinating in finance
But my learning curve did not yield!
Started with geography yet the history remained the same!
Building Zillionite
In challenging times and in cool times
Feels fascinating
Zillionite times!

Jus like a motorcycle rider
Who rides for the pure joy of riding…
Not on the road which looks fascinating
Nor to the destination which sounds fascinating
Rides the motorcycle coz it FEELS fascinating…in Zillionite ways!

Feels Fascinating?
Take Charge!

Leaders Take Charge all the time!
Charge = Self leadership displayed in their life
Charge = vital energy to be a go-getter
Charge = a price to pay – time, money, priorities, sacrifices
Re”charge” = to give a good fight one more time with a restful and reflective pause
In”charge” – takes complete responsibility, power to call the shots
Dis”charge” – feel liberated after creating impact. Nothing less.
Charge Up = fuel to create new fire
And the charging continues for a Leader with leadership mindset.
Just when the caterpillar thought that the world was over, it turned into a Butterfly.
There is nothing in a caterpillar which states that it will become a butterfly and yet it does.
This is the best inspiration for what lies next and with Leadership Mindset, what all can be achieved.
Think higher – of self, by self for self! #Self-leadership is true leadership
Rise higher in your own mind… Hear your voice. #leadership mindset
Everything else is background noise.
Lead Life by knowing

where to enter and where to exit…Relationships!
When to deposit and when to encash…Time
When to hold tight and when to relax…Health
When to work for it and when to make it work for us…Money

Leadership Mindset